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Good Information Gleaned from Interior Dep't

Nov 2 2012
As we mentioned last time, we were fortunate to participate in MSU College of Law's symposium on "off-reservation" gaming.  One of the presenters, Bryan Newland, provided the audience with some very valuable insights on the Interior Department's approach to gaming on newly acquired lands and Class III compact approval.

More From the MSU Conference

Oct 30 2012
Earlier this month, the Michigan State University College of Law's Indigenous Law&Policy Center hosted a symposium on "off-reservation" Indian gaming in Michigan.  Besides our presentation (see our prior post), the conference also featured a keynote address by former NIGC Chair Phil Hogen.  Hogen gave a detailed and highly informed overview of the Interior Department's policies and practices related to tribal gaming on newly acquired lands.  He also opined about Romney's and Obama's familiarity with and stance on Native American issues.

Steve & Kathryn's Presentation at MSU Off-Reservation Gaming Symposium

Oct 26 2012
We've just returned from the 9th Annual Indigenous Law Conference at the Michigan State University College of Law.  This year's symposium focused on "off-reservation" gaming.  Our presentation, titled "'Off-Reservation' Gaming--A New Gamble, or the Same Stakes?", focused on the big picture of tribal gaming on newly acquired lands, particularly the "best interests" or "two-part determination" exception.  We also tied Carcieri and Patchak, as well as the upcoming presidential election, to the future of tribal applications to build casinos on new trust lands.  Interested in our presentation?  We'll be happy to share an abstract.

Reaction to LA Times Editorial

Aug 24 2012
And here's an op-ed in response to the Los Angeles Times editorial we covered in our last post . . . .

LA Times: "Bad Bet" on Tribal Casinos

Aug 21 2012
This week, an editorial in the Los Angeles Times ran with this headline: "A Bad Bet on Indian Casinos."  The editorial called on Governor Jerry Brown to reject two applications for casinos on newly acquired lands, as well as for "changes in federal law . . . to deter this from happening again."

Student Commentary on Michigan Tribal Casinos in Jurist

Aug 14 2012
Various casino projects on newly acquired lands in Michigan are pushing the envelope in both law and politics.  Jurist offers this student commentary, titled "Michigan's Off-Reservation Casino Battle."

Steve Quoted in NYT

Aug 6 2012
Steve is quoted in this August 4 New York Times article on tribal gaming in California.

The article, "Lucrative Gambling Pits Tribe Against Tribe," details so-called "reservation shopping" among California tribes as some work to develop casinos on newly acquired lands.  Steve is quoted about the shift in politics to inter-tribal competition: