Indian Gaming Now

Revenue Sharing in Oklahoma

Jul 19 2010
As part of Kathryn's Indian Gaming Law course at UND School of Law this summer, students have the chance to write guest blog posts.  This post, written by third-year law student Chinazo Odigbo, references the tribal-state revenue-sharing agreement in Oklahoma, under which tribes pay 4 to 6% of adjusted gross revenue to the state.  Originally expected to result in annual payments of about $70 million to the state, this year's payment is expected to top $120 million. 

Here's Chris's comment on the issue:

This article is talking about the revenue sharing between the state of Oklahoma and the tribes in that state. Here in the article, they mentioned about the symbiotic relationship between the state and the tribes. This is providing additional revenue for the State of Oklahoma and stability for the tribe to operate their gaming, hence attracting more lenders meaning more money. This might be what California should be looking at considering the current state of their economy. They need all the money they can get because the state is going under financially.

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