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March 15th, 2012

Barack-etology: Obama's March Madness

Mar 15 2012
The NCAA men's basketball tournament is underway, and for many, "work" will become a distraction from hoops-watching.  March Madness is everywhere, and the White House is no exception.

President Obama's brackets were introduced by ESPN to much fanfare, and why not?  Obama is the Commander in Chief, after all, and a pretty good hoopster, to boot.  (He picks the UNC Tar Heels to win it all, in case you hadn't heard.  Harvard, his alma mater, didn't fare so well.)

March 9th

2012 Indian Gaming Industry Report

Mar 9 2012
Alan Meister's annual report on the tribal gaming industry is out -- it's the 2012 Casino City's Indian Gaming Industry Report.  As per usual, Alan's report is making the news.  Here are some of the findings highlighted in the media:

March 6th

UNLV Gaming Law Journal

Mar 6 2012
If you haven't picked up the new UNLV Gaming Law Journal, it's worth the look.  The Journal is a joint publication of the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the International Masters of Gaming Law (both Steve and Kathryn are IMGL members).  Gaming law has benefited greatly from the concerted efforts of the IMGL to further gaming law as both an area of practice and a topic worthy of scholarly study. The Fall 2011 issue has a collection of articles with an international and comparative focus, as well as solid student notes, including one on tribal gaming and federal bankruptcy.

March 3rd

New Economic Study on Tribal Gaming in Washington State

Mar 3 2012
Our friend Jonathan Taylor has completed another study of the economic impacts of tribal gaming, this time focusing on the 29 tribes in Washington state.  Jonathan's findings for 2010 include:

Tribes collectively paid $1.3 billion in wages and benefits

Tribes employed 27,376 employees, 66 percent of whom are non-tribal members

Tribes purchased $2.4 billion in goods and services from local businesses

Tribes made one-time capital investments totaling more than $259 million

Altogether, tribes boosted the state economy by roughly $3.5 billion in 2010

March 2nd

New Article on Gaming Law Courses & Legal Education

Mar 2 2012
Kathryn's latest article appears in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of the Gaming Law Review&Economics: "Educating Lawyers Through Gambling Law: How a Course in Gambling Law Furthers Knowledge, Skills, and Values in Legal Education."  In it, she discusses the Carnegie Report on legal education and the three "apprenticeships" necessary to effectively educate aspiring attorneys.  Kathryn argues that a well designed and taught gambling law course can further students' substantive knowledge of the law, their skills as practicing attorneys, and their understanding of the values and ideals of the legal profession.

The citation is 16 Gaming L. Rev. & Econ. 8-14.  A pdf of the article is available on request.

Utah: Still Gambling-Free

Mar 2 2012
 . . . or, more accurately, free of legalized gambling.  Utah is poised to reaffirm its blanket prohibition on legalized gambling by opting out of any federal legalization of online gaming.

Read more in the Salt Lake Tribune

February 28th

Back from the ABA Gaming Law Minefield

Feb 28 2012
Kathryn's back form the American Bar Association's 16th Annual National Institute on the Gaming Law Minefield.  This is a terrific annual program, chock full of expertise and experience that is useful to any attorney, regulator, or policymaker dealing with gaming law issues of any scope and sort.  As academics, we particularly appreciate the strong interplay between the "big picture" context that law professors often bring, along with the "on the ground" practice perspective of practitioners and regulators.