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February 7th

Kathryn Quoted on Possible Lansing Casino

Feb 7 2011
A new group, the Lansing Jobs Coalition, is floating the idea of a tribal casino near Lansing, Michigan.  But there's no tribe or tribal land yet connected to the project.  And Ted O'Dell, one of the group's organizers, is pushing for a "temporary" casino to be up and running by the end of the calendar year.  Optimism and ambition may be positive attributes and old-fashioned American values, but that seems pie in the sky to us.

Kathryn is quoted as saying, "While technically it may not be impossible, it would be extraordinary to have all that come together in a matter of months.  The typical timeline [for an off-reservation casino project] runs in years rather than months."

January 22nd

The Latest from Minnesota

Jan 22 2011
Folks who live in Minnesota know that the state is divided into "up north" and "the Cities."  Up north is the largely rural northern tier of the state, from East Grand Forks to Duluth and everything in between.  The Cities are the metropolitan Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.

January 12th

Cowlitz Trust Acquisition Record of Decision

Jan 12 2011
The U.S. Department of Interior's Record of Decision for the Trust Acquisition of and Reservation Proclamation for the Cowlitz Indian Tribe is available on Matthew Fletcher's Turtle Talk blog.  Thanks to folks that responded to our request to get a copy of the ROD!  Here's an excerpt from the summary:

January 3rd

Happy New Year, and Clues About Carcieri

Jan 3 2011
Happy New Year!  We're excited to continue blogging on Indian gaming law, policy, and politics in 2011.  And the hints are that we should see some significant developments in 2011.