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July 31st

Rand and Light publish “How Congress Can and Should ‘Fix’ IGRA”

Jul 31 2006
Rand and Light’s recent article, “How Congress Can and Should ‘Fix’ the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act: Recommendations for Law and Policy Reform,” appears in the Fall 2006 issue of the Virginia Journal of Social Policy & the Law. Based on Rand and Light’s 2005 testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs on Indian gaming regulation, the article provides an overarching theoretical approach to law and policy reform in the area of Indian gaming.

July 28th

Wisconsin’s Roller Coaster Ride

Jul 28 2006
Thread: Current Events

Another twist in Wisconsin's roller coaster ride of Indian gaming and state public policy.

July 27th

Spin or Doublespeak? You Decide

Jul 27 2006
Thread: Proposed IGRA Amendments

Recent action in Congress provides so much fodder for comment, it's hard to know where to start!

July 26th

Settlements as "Shams"?

Jul 26 2006
Thread: Current Events

July 18th

Add It All Together . . .

Jul 18 2006
Thread: Off-Reservation Gaming

. . . and it’s apparent that the state has a huge amount of control over whether an off-reservation casino will open within its borders.

Most obvious, of course, is the governor’s veto power over the “best interests” exception, explained earlier. The governor can just say no. Period.

July 14th

Advantage Players and Tribal Casinos

Jul 14 2006
Thread: Gambling and Risk-Taking Conference

July 11th

More on Kathryn's Media Quote and the "Spectrum of Success"

Jul 11 2006
Thread: Indian Gaming in the News